• Produce Rocket Stoves

• Contract a truck to deliver the 27 stoves from Cochabamba to Toro Toro

• Deliver stoves from CBB to POI (Approx. 6 Hours)

• Leave stoves in designated spot in Toro Toro where they will be collected by appointed parents

• Inform parents about stoves’ arrival

• Train personnel in use and maintenance of the Rocket Stoves in every educational unit

• Provide educational posters

• Develop pre-installation tests to units that had problems in phase1

• Monitor implementation of practices taught during phase 1

• Begin post-installation tests in the educational units where the Rocket stoves are already operative (on site 3 weeks)

• Determine with the district director the date for contest reward

The main objective of phase 2 is the installation and implementation of the rocket ecological stoves. This includes delivery, distribution, installation, and training of the use and maintenance of each solar cooker personnel that has been appointed by the schools. The number of efficient cookers delivered to each school has been decided based on the amount of food consumption and the capacity of the two different models of rocket stoves – approximately 36 ecological stoves (either standard and institutional).