The qualitative evaluation will be conducted through a contest called “Quality Living in Toro Toro” that will be held between the green patrols of different educational units. The winning student will be the one that has best and most effectively implemented the healthy, sustainable and environmental practices taught during phase 1 with an emphasis on concepts such as waste management, the 3 R’s, healthy living, and the use of ecological stoves for school breakfasts. The 1st place winner will have their parent’s kitchen remodeled and a new clean burning cook-stove installed. The 2nd and 3rd prizes will consist of school supplies for the students. The results of the contest will evaluate the impact of the sustainable practices taught during phase 1.

The aim of phase 3 is to both quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the implementation of sustainable and healthy practices taught during phase 1 and the performance, usage, and maintenance of rocket stoves installed during phase 2. The quantitative evaluation will utilize interviews and post-stove-installation data in order to determine the reduction in biomass consumption in every rocket stove in every educational unit.