Phase One

Phase 1 begins with the formation of a technical team that will assist in the management and coordination of educational activities throughout the 5 months. The key step in phase 1 is the Modular Environmental Training (MET) program for students, teachers, and parents in each educational unit. The teaching will utilize inductive methodology regarding two modules: environment and health. The environmental module will address the lack of environmental education, waste management (garbage and recycling), and sewage disposal in the community. For example, workshops will ask participants to draw their community to see what improvements could be made, and introduce ways to reuse common products. With a base understanding of environmental education, the first module will then outline the benefits and procedure for solar cooker use. The second module will focus on health, hygiene, and basic first aid education.

At the same time, a contest that will be utilized in phase 3 will be established. Teams of students called “green patrols” will be appointed to spread and implement knowledge of recently learned practices. Simultaneously, a technical team will be formed to determine combustible savings generated by the introduction of the rocket stoves. The tests are divided in 4 portions and will measure how often wood is collected in one week, the quantity of wood collected in one week, how many people (including children) are involved in this activity, and how much time the activity requires.