The mission of CEDESOL is to empower the disempowered, guided by the concepts of alternative education, renewable energy, and social justice. For 13 years, these pillars have served CEDESOL well. By distributing 10,000 rocket stoves and solar cookers and reducing the dependency on biomass, CEDESOL has been able to offset over half a million tons of carbon, unburden women and children from the duties of cooking and collecting fire-wood, and provide opportunities for independence and financial liberty.   The new project intends to scale up the breadth of CEDESOL’s impact with the implementation of solar cookers in 11 educational units throughout the rural municipality of Toro Toro with a three phase program.

Phase 1

Phase 1 – environmental education – equips children, parents, and teachers with knowledge and habits to teach environmentally-friendly practices such as waste management, the 3 R’s, and sustainable living. Instilling this knowledge allows CEDESOL to uniquely achieve a high retention rate of 92% of solar cookers users in phase 2.

Phase 2

Often, communities will revert back to familiar, traditional cooking methods without education and practice. Phase 2 – distribution – not only provides cook-stoves to individuals, but simultaneously trains users through the “Modular Environmental Training” (MET) program.

Phase 3

Phase 3 – evaluation – provides feedback of educational training and performance of rocket stoves so that CEDESOL can improve its programs and continue to work closely with communities. With this project, CEDESOL hopes to expand the breadth of its reach and continue to fight for carbon reduction, social justice, and access to education in impoverished communities throughout Bolivia.