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Cooking Shouldn't Kill PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 December 2014 15:56

"Clean stoves can be as transformative as bed nets or vaccines"

– Hilary Clinton, Leadership Council Member of The Green Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

couple with solar cooker in rural Bolivia

Most of us in developed countries would hardly consider modern cook-stoves a luxury. However, nearly 3 billion people worldwide still use traditional cook-stoves or open fires to cook and heat their homes. 2 million people, mostly women and children, die every year from smoke exposure, and millions of tons of CO2 and toxic particles are generated from these cooking methods.

In Bolivia, 82% of the rural population lives in poverty and lacks access to basic resources, including fuel. With no other choice, families rely on the forests that surround them and spend hours each week searching for biomass to burn. As wooded areas disappear, 7 million workdays are lost each year to fuel collection in Bolivia.

Woman Cooking School Lunch over open fire

Traditional cooking means time stolen from school and income-generating activities; it means barren hillsides, polluted air, red eyes and blackened lungs.

Clean cook-stoves offer a simple solution to some of the world’s gravest problems. They can empower women, save millions of lives, and alleviate climate change.



For 15 years, rural Bolivia has been CEDESOL’s battleground and classroom. Rural Bolivian woman collecting firewoodWe’ve distributed over 9,000 rocket stoves and solar cookers, and educated hundreds of families on their usage and benefits. We’ve received international recognition, formed partnerships, and verified the positive impacts of our work through scientific studies. We’ve talked, laughed, and cooked with our beneficiaries. Most importantly, we’ve learned– about population needs, strategies to ensure long-term cook-stove adoption, and the integral roles that women and education play in technology dissemination.

But we need your help! As our family, friends, and fellow clean cook-stove advocates, we know that quality of life is important to you. We know that you care about the environment and preserving our planet. So we invite you to join us, and millions of others in the clean cook-stove movement.




Rural child from school

Visit our online fundraising page at before December 31st to donate to our $25,000 campaign and improve the lives of over 2,500 students, parents, and teachers in the Toro Toro Municipality. Another Bolivian child from schoolGive $150 you’d normally spend on 3 or 4 tanks of gasoline to buy a clean cook-stove for a Toro Toro school, reduce their carbon emissions by 10 tons per year, and liberate schoolchildren from hours of wood collection. Or give $10; every bit helps! All donations are USA tax-deductible.

Please share this message with loved ones and help us eliminate this “silent assassin,” because cooking shouldn’t kill.