CEDESOL (the Center for Development with Solar Energy) was incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 2003 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Prior to its incorporation, the founders gained expertise in solar and biomass technology by designing, building and promoting ecological cooking systems. The foundation was established because the founders believe passionately in the transference of practical knowledge and technology from the experts to the people.


I have worked with CEDESOL for over 5 years and I manage field visits to rural Bolivia where we implement our clean cook-stove projects

Guadalupe Torrico
Logistics Manager

Before the inception of this organization, I believed in the good of providing clean cook-stoves, and I continue to believe so to this day.

David Whitfield

As an environmental engineer, I believe in the mission that CEDESOL is working to achieve for the disenfranchised in rural Bolivia.

Paola Arce
Executive Director