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“Ecological cookers for a better life” is a recent major undertaking by CEDESOL which aims to deliver over 50,000 stoves to rural areas in 6 Bolivian departments over the next 7 years. Due to its huge environmental and social benefits, we consider this project very important for our country and as a result have turned to financing from reductions in carbon emissions to be able to achieve our goals and help the people who need it most.

The main goal of this project, as well as that of CEDESOL on the whole, is to care for our planet in a just and careful way and shift our aims away from profiting off Mother Earth and instead defending her. Furthermore, the finances we will receive from reductions in carbon emissions also support the education program, another important component of this project. We will implement this program along with the delivery of the stoves in order to train the members of the communities about important themes such as health, hygiene, nutrition, food security, the environment, etc. In this way, we are not only delivering stoves but facilitating a change in the mentality of the people, hoping to increase their consciousness of environmental issues and also giving them tools so they can improve the quality of their lives themselves. Here at CEDESOL, we believe that this is the way to break the chains of poverty that enslave much of the population.

This is considered a large-scale project under the Gold Standard’s mechanism of project finance. The Gold Standard sets a very high bar for its projects, so the fact that we obtained its certification indicates the value that our project has. The Gold Standard’s acceptance of our project means that it will be rigorously examined to assure that it is participative, sustainable, and bottom-up.  To meet the requirements demanded, we held a consultation meeting in which we not only presented and explained the project, but also received support and advice from the beneficiaries about the project’s design and sustainability. In this way, the meeting was a public forum. Moreover, we invite you to read the report of this meeting, which can be found in the link below, which details everything that went on in the meeting and explains in more detail the planned activities within the project. The aim of providing this link is to provide a mechanism to allow those who could not make it to the meeting to participate in the evaluation round. Of course, those who did participate in the consultation can also voice their opinions regarding the project.

We invite you to read this document (available in Spanish and English). We are very interested to hear your opinions and comments. Please send your thoughts to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Your support is incredibly valuable to us!

Link in Spanish: PDF, 5,47 MB

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