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By supporting us, you too can act to both improve the quality of life of Bolivian people and combat climate change. Here are the different ways you can help:

Stay Connected

Stay up to date with CEDESOL’s projects through social media.  “Like” us on Facebook and follow @CedesolBolivia on Twitter to learn about our day to day activities and progress in ecological cooking.




Although Sobre La Roca strives to reduce the costs of producing ecological cookers, their selling price is high for the targeted population, which use biomass as a cooking fuel because of financial constraints. In the long run, using an ecological cooker proves more economical than cooking with biomass, yet the initial costs of acquiring an ecological cooker deters some potential beneficiaries.

CEDESOL works on solutions to reduce the sellling price of the ecological cookers and to make them accessible to families in the poorest sections of Bolivian society. You can contribute to this effort by making a donation to CEDESOL.



Reduce your Carbon Footprint through Cedesol

DonkeyCarbon dioxide, produced by the burning of fossil fuels and biomass, is contributing to climate change that affects the health of our world. In Bolivia, thousands of families rely on biomass (wood, crop residue, dung, etc) for their cooking needs. Our ecological stoves drastically reduce the amount of fuel used for cooking, effectively reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere by 1.5 to 2 tons per year. Learn more about Carbon Reduction through CEDESOL.




Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding, and potentially life changing experience. CEDESOL is currently accepting volunteers for a wide variety of projects, depending upon your skills and interests. For more information on volunteering with CEDESOL, please check our Volunteer page.





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If you are a grantmaker and are interested in the changes that we believe in, we would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Our current grant-seeking focus is to fund an education project that we believe is vital for us to make the lasting cultural change that we are hoping for.

An ESMAP World Bank study in May 2007 confirmed our belief that one of the major obstacles to successful penetration of improved stoves is people’s lack of perception of the health problems caused by indoor use of firewood and therefore the low priority given to purchasing stoves such as ours that reduce harmful emissions.

Education is the key and that is why we need to run an education project that alerts homemakers to the dangers of indoor air pollution from their stoves and educates them about healthier, more ecological administration of their homes. Past research has shown that 92% of people who have purchased our stoves are still using them three years later. We believe this high level of continued use is due to our education programs and the positive life-change people experience as a result of using our stoves.

We would expect to reach 20,000 households through this education project in a two-year period, covering a diverse geographical area in Bolivia. This would translate to approximately 125,000 beneficiaries and would cost $200,000.



Grow our Community

CEDESOL hopes that as you learn more about the work we do and the impact we are hoping to make, you will want to spread the word and grow the CEDESOL community. We would love for you to support us at GiveMeaning, to become a supporter at, to send our newsletter to your friends, to create a badge for us on and link to us on your facebook, myspace or blog.