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Incorporating cookers

MotherCEDESOL provides creative practices to enable the people of Bolivia, regardless of their economic standing, to acquire ecological stoves that will significantly improve their quality of life. CEDESOL distributes the cookers produced by the small micro-enterprise Sobre la Roca to communities in five of the nine departments of Bolivia.

Partnering with banks, micro-finance organizations and other like-minded organizations, we are able to offer solutions to people who have little in the way of financial resources themselves so that they are not excluded from benefits of our cookers.

Follow up surveys evaluating a range of factors including frequency of usage and cooker performance have confirmed a high rate of satisfaction among our participants. We also aim to carry out maintenance checks and ensure that recipients retain correct knowledge on the usage of our cookers.


TrainingDue to the general lack of awareness regarding alternative cooking methods, education plays a key role in demonstrating the benefits that ecological cookers bring, especially with regards to better household management practice. Our community-based participative workshops work with community leaders, introducing them to alternative energy and educating them on how best to exploit its benefits.

Bolivia has a strong social base and is organized into community-based structures. Our participative workshops have proven successful, initiating a transfer of knowledge that has spread far beyond the original participants. Word of mouth publicity about CEDESOL's work has helped to establish a market demand for ecological cookers, allowing us to reach an ever increasing number of families. Education and training has assisted families in making a concrete lifestyle change, incorporating cookers and the benefits they bring into their daily routine.


Training PotosiWe value and define technology as the use of ideas, energy and resources to solve problems and create changes.

CEDESOL participates in state of the art technology exchange on a global level related to improved and appropriate design of household energy devices. By establishing `good practice´ standards, educating and interacting with government, civic and community leaders, small businesses and financiers, we have developed guidelines to be implemented across the industry.

Additionally we cooperate with organizations such as the Aprovecho Institute, Stove List, Household Energy Network (HEDON), Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA), Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP), Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Solar Cookers International, Solar Cookers International Association (SCIA) and Solar Household Energy (SHE) to coordinate and exchange knowledge, resources and technological developments.

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