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These are testimonies from people whose lives have been significantly improved by ecological cookers made available to them by CEDESOL Foundation in collaboration with the organizations we work with.  We will add testimonies as we get them so please come back!

¨Solar cooking is a salvation for us¨- Blanca Foronda

Blanca Foronda with her solar cooker

¨I am really grateful and surprised by how much the solar cooker helps us¨- Celia Rocha

Celia Rocha with her solar cooker

¨The solar cookers is so easy to use we can all use it and the best thing about it is that it is not dangerous¨- Nicolas Rios Peña

Family with their solar cooker

¨It is a good invention that saves energy and cares about the environment.  The meals don´t lose their nutrients and taste very good¨- Sara Taborga

Kyoto Twist participant enthusiastic about solar cooker