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If you would like to find out more about ecological cookers, what they are and what they can do, with lots of good pictures, click here. The pdf article was written a few years ago yet is still very informative and relevant.

Using evidence from a PhD study on the lasting impacts of a solar cookers project in Bolivia, this pdf makes the case for Proving Cultural Acceptance of solar cookers in Bolivia.

Conference presentations

Improved Cookstoves: An Essential Element in Bettering Household Health is the presentation that David Whitfield, Executive Director of Cedesol, gave at a regional conference in 2003, when Cedesol was just beginning.

Solar Dryer systems and the Internet: important resources to improve food preparation is a presentation David Whitfield gave at an international conference on solar cooking in South Africa in 2000.

External Articles & Reports

Solar Cooking: Rays of Transformation is an interesting pdf article on the progress of solar cookers in the Americas and talks of the positive impact of CEDESOL and the great work of Solar Household Energy, Inc. in this area.

Here Comes the Sun: Options for Using Solar Cookers in Developing Countries is a pdf published by GTZ that investigates the validity of solar cookers and improved wood rocket stoves in developing countries and documents their success, using CEDESOL´s successful dissemination of these stoves as one example.

Bolivia: National Biomass Program is a very thorough pdf report from May 2007 by ESMAP, a global technical assistance partnership administered by the World Bank. It gives a detailed background of biomass use in Bolivia and looks at some of the issues surrounding the implementation of alternative energy in this environment.

South-South Technology Transfer in Bolivia: A Solution for Local Health, Forests, and Our Global Climate is an article published in the Solutions for a Sustainable and Desirable Future journal that highlights the social, economic, and environmental benefits of CEDESOL's practice of local, low-cost technology transfer.

Solar Cookers World Network: CEDESOL Foundation is a wiki article detailing the work of CEDESOL.

Solar Cookers World Network: Bolivia is a wiki article describing solar cooking in Bolivia in general

Carbon Finance

Can Carbon Finance Clean Cooking? is a pdf article that discusses household energy from the perspective of a carbon finance company.

How can finance be found for the 2 billion people that need access to smoke-free kitchens? Carbon finance can help solve the problem. Continue to find out how.

Carbon finance for clean cooking - time to grasp the opportunity argues that carbon finance can now make a difference to the lives of people who rely on biomass for their cooking.

This pdf article discusses the different alternatives for carbon financing, for community based household energy projects, from the perspective of an NGO working with communities on the ground.

The Carbon solidarity Co-operative- helping to transform the household cooking sector strategises about how the dissemination of improved cooking stove programmes might be increased.


Here are some videos hosted on YouTube that demonstrate the use of each type of ecological cooker and reactions to the cookers from the public and from people who use these cookers in their home.

Cooking with corn cobs on CEDESOL rocket stove

Solar cooker without sun

Chicken cooking in solar cooker

Efficient wood stove replaces gas stove