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CarcelPrison workshops

CEDESOL believes in empowering the local population through job creation and skills education. As the Bolivian government does not have rehabilitation programs for its prisoners, CEDESOL decided to provide income for over 30 inmates´ families at Cochabamba´s El Abra prison. At our rehabilitation workshops inmates are trained and then paid to build our ecological cookers, providing them not only with a means of survival for their family but skills and work ethic that restores dignity and prepares them for life on the outside.




CEDESOL is partnered with myclimate, A Swiss based organization with the objective of decreasing and off-setting carbon emissions.  By obtaining funds through myclimate, CEDESOL hopes to continue improving health in Bolivia and Paraguay by distributing around 50,000 ecological stoves within seven years.  Part of CEDESOL’s work with myclimate includes the implementation of “Environmental and Health Wellbeing Squads” (Brigadas de Bienestar Ambiental). This educational program will train leaders (housewives selected by their region) in the use and maintenance of the ecological cookers and teach their environmental and health benefits through six modules with four milestones.  The milestones are Hygiene and Health, Environmental-Friendly Practices, Economy and Clean Energy Stove Use, and Nutrition and Food Security. The leaders in turn will be able to bring this knowledge to their communities, therefore widening the scope of CEDESOL’s impact.  Learn more about CEDESOL’s partnership with myclimate here.



Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S.A.

In 2007, CEDESOL was one of five organizations around the world selected by the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S.A. in a partnership for Clean Indoor Air.  Our main goal was to make use of the grant to scale up production of our rocket stoves. With the money, we were able to make improvements in the fabrication process to dramatically speed up manufacturing as well as increase quality control.  With the help of the EPA and the Clean Indoor Air grant, we were able to deliver about 5000 stoves between 2007 and 2009, when the grant expired.



GiveMeaningCEDESOL is ran a project in partnership with GiveMeaning, an organization with a website that allows anybody to invest in projects that have achievable goals to accomplish measurable life-change.  We raised $1000 through these efforts.