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Visit 2013 - 2014

Gearing up for the 2016 "Stoves for Students: The Toro Toro Project", we look back at all our progress in the Toro Toro Municipality of Bolivia. Specifically, our visit in 2013 sticks with us.

In 2013, we held one of our first industrial stove workshops for teachers in many of the school units we plan to visit this year. These workshops are strategically scheduled to include as many teachers as possible. These teachers will be the ones cooking on industrial stoves and the ones bringing back such advanced knowledge to their communities. This trickle-down effect leads to cultural shifts in the way rural Bolivians think. It is no longer scary or impossible to advance cooking methods; it is now desired to cook cleanly while staying in touch with the traditions their ancestors held so dear.

In addition to carefully implementing this new technology, our work in Toro Toro will include lessons critiqued, praised, and approved by the Toro Toro teachers who will be using the stoves. It is important for us at CEDESOL to remember our times previously at Toro Toro so we can complete our work in 2016 to the best of our ability. 1,600 students, girls and boys, in 18 different school units will be helped through this project.

Our visit to Toro Toro in 2013 has prepared us for this moment in 2016 - we at CEDESOL are ready to give Toro Toro the opportunity it deserves!

Posted Juy 25, 2016 Amanda Farnan